3 Reasons why to consider investing in a pet franchise

3 Reasons why to consider investing in a pet franchise

The pet industry is constantly expanding in the UK. Main reason because people love their pets this is why premium pet treatments are becoming more popular such as dog spa’s and dog hotels if you have to leave your pet for any special occasions such as holidays , business trips , meetings. Those are just a few reasons listed above so today we will list 3 reasons of why now it may be time to invest in a pet franchise as this could be your dream career is a pet lover.

1.) The huge customer base.

The pet industry in the UK alone has a huge customer base and below we will release some statistics that was collected recently in the UK. To give anyone looking in to running a dog walking franchise an idea of the available customers they will have access to upon investing.

  • According to the pfma annual report from 2019 there are over 9 million dogs in the UK and just over 8 million cats.
  • In the whole UK annually people spend an average of 8 billion a year on their cats and 10 billion total on dogs.
  • Animal-loving Brits are spending a fortune on their furry friends with the average owner splurging £1,150 a year – or £95 a month. Mintel 2015

2.) The pet products industry is huge.

Now we have give you an idea of the huge customer base there is for pets in the UK. We will now list some statistics on the pet products industry and the statistics that has seen in the UK in previous years.

  • 66% of owners buy accessories for their pets as well as birthday and Christmas presents. 32% buy treats and gifts more often for their pets than their partners
  • £264 is the average annual spend on presents for pets (source: One Poll, 2015)
  • 27% of dog owners get their pet spa-style treatments (source: One Poll, 2015)
  • 88% of people admit to spending up to £50 on extravagant presents for their pets (source: One Poll, 2015)

3.) The grooming industry is growing rapidly.

We will now share some statistics around the pet grooming industry which is growing rapidly in the UK in its previous years and is predicted some promising increases in future years to come.

  • The global pet grooming market looks glossy (compound annual growth of 4.7% forecast between 2015-2025)
  • Over a quarter of pet owners admit they like to pamper their pets and women in particular find it hard to pass by a new toy or a treat even if they did not plan on buying it (46%). Mintel 2015

What do these statistics show for the pet industry?

Overall these statistics show a very promising future for the pet industry showing the industry is consistently expanding in multiple different areas and industries from the pet food industry all the way to full on pet pampering services and luxury for pets. We hope the statistics above have helped anyone looking to invest in a pet franchise in the UK. Also if you are wanting to run a franchise and become your own boss but are not looking to pursue running pet businesses for sale. I highly recommend having a browse through our large franchise directory at Franchiseek providing a diverse range of different franchise opportunities in the UK and internationally.

Sources : Statista , Mintel , Groomarts

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