Author - Joel

Multiple Meta Descriptions

I recently read a post by Adam Audette that was genuinely excellent – it was about maximising your click through rate in organic SERPs, by having very well presented search snippets. I’m always keen on having well written titles and meta descriptions, and I find it surprising that snippets in search results are, for the most part, pretty terrible. Check out SEOptimise’s excellent post on title tags if you’re looking for ways to improve there. Patrick Altoft had an interesting [...]

Clever Keyword Research

Richard Baxter from SEO Gadget has released a keyword research tool that does some particularly clever things. I’ve been using it for a while now, and it’s clear that there’s been a very big focus on usability as well as a focus on it providing you with something that’s instantly actionable. The set-up process is very straight-forward. You first add your URL, and then sync it up with your Google Analytics account – this step is optional, you can skip [...]

Bing’s Google Argument Makes No Sense

Recently Google accused Bing of effectively copying their results by using toolbar data, and data from Internet Explorer if the suggested sites feature is enabled – you can read Google’s side of the story here, and the story of Bing’s response here. I’m not going to explain it all in too much detail because I think those two articles cover it quite well, but as a quick summary: 1. Google suspected Bing of using some of Google’s data in Bing’s results 2. [...]

Geolocation of Tweets Affects the Rankings in Local Google

At the end of last year Danny Sullivan wrote an article for Search Engine Land titled “What Social Signals do Google & Bing Really Count?” which featured an interview between representatives from both search engines. The article confirmed that Google and Bing use Twitter and (possibly to a lesser extent) Facebook as another signal to determine where a site is able to rank in the regular search results. While a lot of SEOs had begun to suspect that tweeted links [...]

Does Google Have A Secret Tablet?

As an SEO blog, this site tends to get a few visits from Google employees every now and then. I was looking through my Google Analytics stats the other day and noticed that, after writing my startup SEO advice post, I had a visit from Google Ireland that I couldn’t really explain. There was a visit from Google based in Dublin, with the screen resolution 800 x 1153. Looking further into it, whatever that device was runs Android (and Google [...]