What Is A Franchise Directory: The Basics Of Franchising

What Is A Franchise Directory: The Basics Of Franchising

Hello everyone today i am starting a blog series called “The basics of franchising”. And this is to help anyone new to franchising and explain the basics to them. Such as selling a franchise and explaining generally what franchising is. This series of course is to help people new to franchising. So if you have been in the franchise market for years this information probably will not interest you. But if you are interested to give it a read feel free. Since this information is for anyone.

The Definition Of A Franchise Directory?

  • A franchise directory is a complete list of franchises from A-Z which covers the geographical area of the franchise directory so say its a UK franchise directory it would show every franchise opportunity in the UK.

So now you know what a franchise directory is i will explain simply what a franchise listing is and covering how franchise directories work.

What Is A Franchise Listing?

  • A franchise listing is essentially an online ad. Which has a form at the bottom of it which can be submitted which in franchising is called a “lead” which means when advertisers receive this they have a chance of selling their franchise.

Why Is It Better To Advertise On A Directory?

  • In my opinion advertising on a directory is better. Since if you are a new franchisor looking to sell your territories or may just even be a franchisee looking to sell their franchise. Which is called a franchise resale which are also very advertised on most franchise portals.

What Is The Difference Between A Franchisee And A Franchisor?

Since i have only explained this very briefly I will cover it more briefly now. Since its a very basic thing to know but very important.

What Is A Franchisee?

  • A Franchisee is the person who has bought they territory for the business but they are not the CEO or do not run the whole operation.

What Is A Franchisor

  • A franchisor is the person who runs the main operation and is the CEO of the company. Since a franchisee is a contributor they are not the business owner.

Thanks For Reading!

I know this has been quite a short post but i will be covering more different topics around franchising a lot on this blog since this new series is to help anyone new to franchising in the UK. And also to give them the correct guidance since they can get started as soon as possible on their careers in the UK franchising sector.

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