Cleaning Franchises: A Squeaky Clean Investment Opportunity

Cleaning Franchises: A Squeaky Clean Investment Opportunity

Cleaning franchises have been thriving in the UK as an industry for years now. If you want to join this rapidly growing community I highly suggest you read all the way through this article. Since I will be covering many interesting facts and statistics around this sector. So if you think a cleaning franchise would be a good opportunity for you hopefully this article will answer any questions you may have had around the industries profit margin and sustainability.

Firstly, Any personal services businesses can grow very big in 2020. Because if you are a normal working class person you will simply not have the time to do simple tasks. Such as cleaning or walking a pet. This means you will have to hire someone you trust to fulfil these chore’s you are simply to busy to do. I will also share some facts and statistics now on why its always a great idea to consider buying a franchise in the personal services / cleaning sector in 2020.

Did you know?

  • Did you know? 70% of offices in the UK alone have their own dedicated cleaners
  • The average person spends 2-4 hours a week cleaning their homes
  • Also did you know the average person spends at least 12,896 hours of cleaning their home in their lifetime

As of seeing these stats now you can probably understand why there is such a big demand for personal services these days around the UK. Since a normal working person simply does not have 4 hours of their week to spare. If they are a busy person. This shows the potential of the market for buying a cleaning franchise in 2020.

These stats do not just show there is a high demand for basic household chores. They also show that the market is very stable for future growth. That’s why there are quite a few well known cleaning franchises in the UK. Since people are quite happy to pay people always as long as cleaning and other stress is off their backs each week. So the cleaning business is a win, win really. Because the person who works hard each week is paid well by their client and the client is happy also since its had taken some stress off their backs.

Where to find cleaning franchise opportunities?

You may be thinking now where can you find cleaning franchise opportunities in the UK. The answer to that is just a simple google search. If you enter the term “Cleaning franchises” or “Cleaning franchise uk” I can guarantee you will find what you are looking for. Because there are many websites called Franchise directories. Which are advertising websites that generate leads for franchises and many sectors in the UK.

Thanks for reading this article

Hopefully this article has helped you to let you know. The demand of cleaning services in the UK. Also not just the demand hopefully it has shown you the reader of how its a sustainable business as well. Of course if cleaning franchises are not your cup of tea I highly advise you stick around. Since we are one of the most persistent FREE business resources. Constantly providing content to help people achieve their dream careers and thrive in the business environment.

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