Pay Per Click (PPC) For Small Businesses

Seven ways to make your boring product page sizzle

I have some bad news: you’re probably missing out on a lot of sales. Why? Because your product page is not effective enough. Boring product pages are pretty rampant with online storefronts that don’t have a billion-dollar corporate brand behind them. Small to medium businesses, especially local brick and mortars with online shopping carts, are losing potential customers… not because of their products (which may be awesome) but because of the way they present them. These seven tips will help you turn [...]

Six ways Pinterest is becoming serious about visual search

Pinterest is transforming into a powerful visual search engine and its latest features hint of a promising future. Pinterest isn’t new in the social media industry, but there was always a feeling that it’s underperforming, compared to its potential, especially in the ecommerce world. This may change soon, as it is focusing even more on its search functionality and more specifically, on its effective visual search. More than 2 billion searches are conducted every month on Pinterest, with people looking for inspiration, customised [...]

Is an internal linking strategy paying off for Mail Online?

Combining hub pages for key topics with well-planned internal linking can be a very effective strategy to secure consistent search rankings for target keywords.  It’s become an essential tactic for publishers and others, especially when you are regularlycreating content around a particular topic. The risk of producing a lot of content around the same topic is that you can end up with multiple pages which have similar keywords which compete against each other in Google for the same search terms. For example, [...]

Five most interesting search marketing news stories of the week

Rebecca here, filling in for Christopher this week – and yes, these are some nice, roomy shoes I’m standing in, thanks for asking. I don’t have any witty comments to make about the current state of UK politics, so let’s dive straight into the search-related news you might have missed while you were outside cloud-gazing, collecting butterflies, or (if you’re British) making the most of the fact that we can still travel freely between other EU countries… As usual, Google is [...]

Eight key improvements from an ecommerce site relaunch

Ecommerce site Simply Hammocks relaunched a few months ago, and has so far achieved some impressive results.  The changes to the site have led to higher conversion rates and a 60% year on year increase in sales in the two months since relaunch. The site, along with other brands from The Simply Group, was acquired last year by Scott Woodhead, who has founded other successful commerce sites, such as My Glasses Club and Loving Outdoors. It seems that Simply Hammocks needed to work to [...]

Imitating search algorithms for a successful link building strategy

When doing a link building strategy – or any other type of SEO-related strategy, for that matter – you might find the sheer amount of data that we have available to us at a relatively low cost, quite staggering. However, that can sometimes create a problem in itself; selecting the best data to use, and then using it in such a way that makes it useful and actionable, can be a lot more difficult. Creating a link building strategy and getting [...]

HTTPS websites account for 30% of all Google search results

As of late June, 32.5% of page one Google results now use the HTTPS protocol, according to a new study from Moz. The esteemed Dr Pete published a blog post this week on the data they’ve been tracking in the two year period since Google announced HTTPS was to be a light ranking signal in August 2014. The results are definitely enough to give SEOs pause for thought when it comes to considering whether to switch their sites to a secure [...]

How the future of advertising is in servicing the ‘moment’

Great advertising starts when a brand delivers a service to the consumer – rather than an ad, says Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur, Brian Wong. Wong is the 25-year-old co-founder and chief executive of Kiip – an advertising tool that allows advertisers to send ‘rewards’ to mobile users during moments of online achievements. It gives the 700 brands using the platform, access to more than 200 million monthly active users across 5000 apps. *Image: Kiip Ad blocking has forced the advertising industry [...]

Nine considerations for movie-based SEO outreach campaigns

  Alien invasions have had their costs calculated by finance companies. Fashion boutiques care about superhero costumes. Travel firms researched where films were made, and retailers know which gadgets spies use… As a blogger I receive infographics throughout the week which contain great movie related content. Only the best of them will be published and only the clever will earn a link. Movie based outreach ideas, designed to boost SEO with some earned links, seem like a good idea but there are [...]

What do content marketers need to know about SEO?

The way that search marketing has evolved over the last few years has brought content marketing and SEO ever closer together.  Content creation and SEO used to be very separate disciplines in the past, but now it’s hard to see how either can be practiced effectively without at least some knowledge of the other. Which brings me to the question: what do content marketers need to know about SEO (and vice versa) to achieve the best results? In this post I’ll make an [...]