Does Google Have A Secret Tablet?

Does Google Have A Secret Tablet?

As an SEO blog, this site tends to get a few visits from Google employees every now and then. I was looking through my Google Analytics stats the other day and noticed that, after writing my startup SEO advice post, I had a visit from Google Ireland that I couldn’t really explain.

There was a visit from Google based in Dublin, with the screen resolution 800 x 1153. Looking further into it, whatever that device was runs Android (and Google Analytics reports Safari as the browser, although I’m pretty sure that’s because Android’s default browser uses webkit, which GA may simply record as Safari).

It also has Flash installed:

From checking around, and from looking through Wikipedia’s list of Android devices, I genuinely can’t find what device this is. Is this a Googler that’s hacked a different device and installed Android on it, or does Google have a secret tablet?
If anyone knows what this device is – please, please put me out of my misery and let me know in the comments.
Flickr photo from Leo Reynolds
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