Education Franchises: The Ideal Franchise Opportunity

Education Franchises: The Ideal Franchise Opportunity

If working with children is in your mind as your dream job. I would highly recommend looking in to the education franchise sector. Since they offer many children’s franchises and all different kinds they offer opportunities to private tuition to programming classes for children. So if this is something you are interested in I suggest you read this post. Since today I will be covering everything you need to know about education franchises before investing.

How do I apply to purchase a education franchise?

You can use many things to apply but my advice is DO NOT meet someone to talk since that is a very old fashioned method which just does not happen in 2020 people do not meet to sell their business territories now. These days people use websites called a franchise directory which are sites with listed franchise opportunities for purchase. So say you are looking to invest in education franchises you would choose the “education franchise”category on the directory.

How do i apply on a directory?

Once you have chosen the education franchise opportunity you are interested in you have to fill in a form. Using basic information about yourself such as dedicated investment , phone number , name and your email. So just simple everyday info since the “Franchisor” The person selling the franchise needs to know a little about you before talking about selling.

Is the educational franchise industry big still in 2020?

I would say this all depends on which franchise you choose. Say you choose a private tuition there is always going to be big money in that. Since there is always going to be someone coming up to exam time in school that needs some extra help to get the grades they would want to achieve. So on this question it all depends since for education franchises its a mixed variety of language lessons , tech lessons and sports franchises.

Facts and Stats about the Educational Industry in the UK

Did you know?

  • The average secondary school spends £172,560  on learning resources each year in the UK
  • The average secondary schools annual funding in the UK is just over £4 million
  • In 2019 67.3% of students passed their GCSE exams
  • There are over 10 Million part time and full time students in the UK

What does this mean for the education market in the UK?

This shows what a big market their is in the UK for educational services such as tutoring or programming classes. With the results of the exams in 2019 shows me that there are 34.7% of students that were struggling to achieve the results they wanted to in 2019. So this shows a huge market for private tuition and also programming classes. Because even with there were 5% of them students passionate about coding but needed extra help that’s 5% of just over 10 million which shows the massive opportunity of education franchises in 2020. Since that number is growing rapidly of children needing extra help daily.

Thanks for reading!

Hopefully now this post has helped you choose your desired education franchise opportunity and also answered any questions you may have had about running a education / childrens franchise in the UK. Also like always if running a education franchise is not your cup of tea. I would still suggest you stay tuned to this blog for FREE franchising advice and information.

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