Franchise Advertising: Pro’s And Con’s Of Using A Franchise Directory

Franchise Advertising: Pro’s And Con’s Of Using A Franchise Directory

Are you trying to sell your franchise but are having no luck with your google ad budgets? Well what if I told you their is a much cheaper way of selling your franchise? You may be asking what is a lead generation website. A lead generation website for franchises also known as a “franchise directory”. Is a website listing franchise opportunities for your geographic area so say you are looking for UK franchise opportunities you could use a franchise portal to find them and make enquiries.

Pro’s Of Using A Lead Generation Portal In 2020?

Cheaper Cost Per Lead ( CPL )

  • You have a much cheaper cost per lead expense which helps a lot when you are a new franchise. You may be asking if you are a complete beginner what is cost per lead ( CPL ) cost per lead is when you find out what is your cheapest lead. Since google ads are very expensive. So say you are spending thousands a month on google advertising and you are getting 10 leads a week. Imagine if there was a franchise directory out there that could generate you around 5-15 leads a week for just £1,000 subscription fee for a years subscription. This would be a much better investment for any company and overall a way cheaper cost per lead. Which also gives the company extra income which is very much needed to any new business looking to expand.

You Can Track Your Leads

  • This is a very important aspect of any lead generation website is the ability to be able to track your leads and find out where they have came from and when. This is good to know since you want to know as paying advertiser on any website what you are getting out of it and not just that. You would want to know where your leads are best targeted from in the UK.

Measuring Lead Quality

  • For this i will use a well known website in the UK franchising sector called Franchise UK. Which is an online lead generation website for franchise advertisers and they have the perfect example for measuring lead quality. Since they have a state of the art lead tracking platform using a red , amber and green system for the leads to measure the quality of their advertisers enquiries.

Con’s Of Using A Lead Generation Portal In 2020?

A Set Subscription Fee

  • You will know now franchise directories are better value for money. But only contact a franchise directory if you have the budget to spend. Since a lot of websites can throw in better offers. But you should never go to someone and expect a better deal since the whole point of a set subscription fee is for it to be fair for every customer on the portal. To make sure everyone pays the same money for the same quality service.

Up – Front Payments

  • A lot of people will not like the idea of up front payments. Since a lot of people worry about what to do if they do not get their money’s worth. But i can ensure if you have researched and gone with the right company you should potentially get your money’s worth. I would always advice going with a franchise portal that is not over saturated but gets good visitors and has good SEO.

Can Be Expensive For New Businesses

  • First of all i know the average portal is over £1,000 for years subscription. But remember if you sell one franchise you can make that money back instantly. The only thing that can make people nervous in franchising is that there is no guarantee’s. Since you cannot guarantee that someone is going to sell their franchise in the first month. Since that is a silly question. Because it all depends on not just the business the market at the time of them franchising.

Overall i would say a franchise directory is very worth it for UK businesses looking to expand in the UK in 2020. Also if I could recommend a franchise directory to look in to if franchising your business is of interest i would recommend a website called Franchise UK. Because they was first established in 2004. And are still going strong in the franchise advertising market. And offering quality leads for one of the lowest subscription fee’s in the market. So if you are new to franchising i would highly suggest to check them out as they could certainly help you on your franchising journey to growing your brand all over the UK.

Thanks For Reading

Now i would like to take the time to quickly say thank you for reading. Also hopefully this post has answered any questions you may have been confused around before reading. Also if you are new to franchising i highly suggest you stick around since we provide regular FREE information around franchising.

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