Gardening franchises – How to run a successful gardening franchise

Gardening franchises – How to run a successful gardening franchise

Today I will be covering lawn care franchises and most importantly how to run a successful lawn care franchise. Which is very important and I can guarantee this post will be very beneficial for any franchisees. And maybe even people looking to invest in to a franchise in the gardening industry.

First of all it would not be true if I said that the gardening sector in the UK is not massive. It is a very big market and i will share some facts on it. And I think this will truly shock you how much sales have gone up for household gardening items over the past few years. In a retail point of view.

Facts and statistics of the gardening sector :

Did you know?

  • Gardening products have shown a steady increase in recent years. In the EU in 2019 reached an astonishing statistic of making 41.2 Billion in the retail sector. And this was an increase of just over 5 Billion that was predicted in 2019 in the EU and the UK contributed to this huge number adding 13.8 Billion in the gardening sector.

These numbers speak for themselves and truly show why gardening is a massive market these days. So if you are into gardening owning a gardening franchise could be the dream career for you. Since these numbers show its profitable as a whole sector and that its a stable business model. Since the numbers just keep growing to unexpected increases.

So hopefully now you see gardening is a good market in the UK and worldwide but now you are probably thinking about the different types of gardening franchises out there.

So which franchise in the gardening sector will work well for you?

Since in the UK there are many gardening franchises there is lawn mowing , artificial grass services and many more so now you have to decide which one of these would be best for you and you think you would be overall most interested in.

Gardening franchise success story :

So say you was interested in a artificial grass franchise in the UK. There are many well known names for that in the UK one of them is a franchise called Trulawn. Which was founded all the way back in 2009. Trulawn have even said themselves “Our business started in the Berkshire area with a modest investment of a few thousand pounds and has since grown to have a multi-million turnover.” This shows how big the artificial grass market is in the UK. Just from a few thousand pounds of investments. They can build a business from the ground up. Which i think is incredible and very impressive.

But its not just about how much money the franchise can make you and franchisors that own trustworthy franchises will not just sell their territories to you since you have the money to buy them. It all matters about your background also have you run a business before? Or say you will be working in a team with the gardening franchise you have chosen they will want to know if you work well in a team. Since all these things really do matter if you want your franchise to succeed. Since in business you cannot afford to have a unstable business model.

Thank you for reading!

So hopefully now after reading this post it can truly show how gardening franchise opportunities are very good to invest in. And are a massive market. And are also very profitable if they are run properly. It does truly show in business if you are in a profitable market. Also run your business on a sustainable business model what can be achieved. Also if gardening franchising is not your cup of tea stay tuned to our blog. Since we will be covering the top trending sectors in the UK franchise market.

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