Photography franchises – A great way to show off your talent

Photography franchises – A great way to show off your talent

Photography in the UK is a big market. And its not just about the market or money. Say photography is a hobby of your’s or will even go as far to say its your passion the photography market will be perfect for you. But there are many different aspects of photography businesses which i will be covering today.

Different types of photography businesses?

There are many different types of franchise opportunities in the photography market. But most go for schools or just in general professional services picture taking which goes for many industries such as modelling. You may ask why did i mention schools earlier? Since schools can be great markets because we all remember the embarrassing picture day at school in our school uniforms and wanting to look perfect. And that’s why schools are a good source of business in the professional photography market since they can generate a good source of income.

Which type of photography business is most successful in the UK?

This question gets asked quite a lot but i normally just say. It all depends with whats best for you. Say you are really in to the newest fashion as well as photography i would definitely suggest running a franchise or buying a franchise that provides photography for modelling agencies in the UK. So to answer that question it all depends on your preference like the school photography if you have good patience and like working with children that route will be best for the more patient person.

Is franchising good for the UK economy

Yes. Just plain and simple yes. Franchising is amazing for the UK economy and now i will explain why.

Did you know?

  • Franchising in the UK raises millions for charities every year
  • Provided just over 700,000 jobs last year
  • Contributes to just over £17 billion a year to the UK economy

So after stating all these facts it does show how good franchising is for the UK and not just for the franchisor / franchisee running their own business it is also very helpful for normally working class people looking for jobs in an industry of their choosing.

Stats about the photography market in the UK

Photography is quite a big market in the UK still in 2020. But now i am going to share some stats about why photography franchise opportunities can be a great career choice if run right.

Did you know?

  • In 2017 the photography sector in the UK had a gross value of £665 million pounds

Just this stat alone shows the potential of running a photography franchise in 2020. If you can just get around 5% of this sectors value for your company that will be just over £33 million pounds. I mean those numbers show that even though photography is not the most profitable market in the UK it still has potential.

Is franchising right for you?

Hopefully now i have answered most of the questions you would have come to this blog post with. And now i will leave this question with you since its your decision if photography is your passion would you like to make it your career since there is a big difference between being an employee and running your own company and building it from the ground up. Since the UK is a massive market as we all know so there is a lot of competition so now its your decision if franchising would be beneficial for you and your career.

Thanks for reading!

Now you have taken your time to reflect and think if the UK photography market is right for you i would just like to take the time to say thank you for reading this blog post and hopefully it has solved / answered any queries you have had about franchising in the UK and especially franchising in the photography sector in the UK. Like always if the photography industry is not your cup of tea i would highly suggest you stick around this blog since we will be covering many sectors of franchising in the UK.

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